This Is Who I Am

I’m a web designer and developer. I recently finished up my BS in INT Web Development at Fort Hays State University. Before I started my bachelors I attended Berklee School of Music and recieved my Masters Certificate in Recording Arts and Studio Production. I continually aim to increase my web design and development knowledge doing everything I can in my spare time learning the latest techniques. Beautiful design is equally important to overall functionality! I always take these two elements into account when starting a new project. I’m organized, social, and well mannered. I work well under pressure, and I’m always looking to expand my skill-set. Web design and development moves far too fast to learn and retain everything there is know. A far more important skill is being able to find what you need to know and apply it to your current project.

I was recently married in October of 2009. My lovely wife is very accepting of my nerdy habits. I play guitar, occassionaly track and mix music, post YouTube parodies, and hit up Halo on a regular basis. I’ve worked in a mail room for the past 5 years, so yes I am an expert on snail mail even though it’s been quite some time since I’ve used it myself. If you really need more personal information than this, go ahead and shoot me an email through the contact form!


I’m very proficient in HTML and CSS (including HTML5 and CSS3 and the many new API’s in the HTML5 spec sheet). Although this portfolio isn’t 100% compliant on every browser, I’m extremely comfortable building fully compatible cross-browser sites and applications. I’m familiar with the major Content Management Systems such as Drupal and Joomla, and have extensively worked with the blogging platform WordPress. I have a year of experience with both PHP (plus MySQL) and JavaScript (I use jQuery regularly), and have just recently begun studying object-oriented techniques. I’ve spend a good deal of time working with mobile platforms such as iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android, and regularly build native applications using the Titanium framework. Other languages, technologies, and libraries I’m currently studying: ActionScript, Ruby, Python, Ajax, Objective-C, and Mootools.

I would consider myself an expert in many of the Adobe Suite applications including: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, and Illustrator. My favorite text editors are TextMate and Espresso. I use Titanium studio (A.K.A. Aptana) for mobile development, and occassionally break out Git as it is my preference for version control.


I have part of my CCNA certification for Cisco Networking and part of the Oracle certifications under my belt, but network administration and Oracle database administration hasn’t struck my fancy. For now I’ll be leaving them at that. I also have my ProTools certification for audio engineering. My favorite thing is learning and I’m always up for a challenge. I have an uncanny ability to find answers on the internet, and I regularly take time to improve my workflow (efficiency is important to me!). Lastly, I’m so infatuated I even wrote an iPhone mobile web app back in the iPhone 3G days to propose to my wife. She said “Yes”!